Terita Buchanan-Moore is an astounding inspirational speaker, published author, and poet. At age 12, Buchanan-Moore found her voice as a poet and began writing rhymes and lyrics that reflected her innermost thoughts, fueled her imagination, and enhanced her spirituality.

Hailing from Chicago, the spoken word artist could be found in her teenage years frequently performing at various venues. Her use of raw words that came from a place of raw emotions left listeners entranced and wanting more. Her tried-and-true method of infusing verses with spiritual expressions is how she became the name that others gave her, “God’s Poet.”


After suffering the tragic loss of her beloved husband Frank, Terita turned to her pen for comfort and allowed her thoughts to be translated into words—flowing on pieces of paper along with her tears. She began her journey as an inspirational speaker and published author. She shares her emotionally exposed writings with the world and her journey of transforming anguish and heartbreak into blissfulness and joy. Buchanan-Moore created the monthly conference ‘Widow Call-in-Line,” to assist those individuals who are suffering from grief.


These days, Buchanan-Moore is engaged with the work she enjoys most by connecting to her global audience and ministering to widows in the life-changing monthly conference calls.  She is known for motivating listeners through empowerment conferences, women retreats, weddings, staged plays, and numerous speaking engagements. Her incredible and realistic personality has continued to inspire many, through her content followers are encouraged to embrace their vulnerabilities and become a restored version of self.


Buchanan-Moore holds a degree in Business Management and an MBA from Concordia University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI. She’s the published author of “My Sweet Thoughts of Poetry” and co-author of “Women of Courage.” She still resides in Milwaukee and is a devoted mother of three.